IHC Human specializes in providing provide manpower supply and recruitment personnel service, other services related to employees. With the quality from the services we provide, our commitment to bring your business satisfaction.

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Manpower Supply

Along with efficient and reliable human resource supply service in Vietnam. We are constantly trying to provide our customers with the most suitable candidates for each project, provide temporary personnel, meet seasonal personnel requirements to help businesses downsize staff in an unnecessary moment.

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Recruitment / Headhunt

We have a team of recruiting professionals with many years of experience, along with large, diverse, and quality candidate data sources. We are confident to meet the requirements of customers in many fields such as manufacturing, mechanics, industry, information technology, construction, interpretation, services, business.

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Human Resources Managerment

Human resource management is not only about wages and policies for employees but also needs to be managed in terms of compliance procedures with state agencies. In addition, we help businesses control the risks to save costs incurred and time in management.


Our goal is to become a leading company in the service fields that we provide, so meeting customers' criteria and requirements have always been our top concern and goal.

IHC Human Resources


In addition to providing and recruiting personnel, IHC Human also provides services on work permits, salary management, social insurance, finalization of personal income tax, which help save the cost and time of your business.

Labor Service

IHC Human Services is the fastest, most professional work permit and temporary card service for workers in Vietnam.

Social Insurance Services

Your small business does not have a specialized section in charge of social insurance, leading to errors in the management of revenue and expenditure, deduction of social insurance, ...

Payroll Services

For newly established enterprises and not yet experienced in management and operation; ...

Finalization of personal income tax

In the operation of the business, the payment for employees makes up a small part of the budget. In order to facilitate the process of personal income tax collection,...


We aim to be a reliable partner of the business - Hotline: 0967 445 186


Human resource recruiting service at IHC Human is the best, highest quality and prestigious service in Vietnam, providing solutions to find the most suitable talent for your business.


Mr. Bui Gia Thuy

Samsung Vina Electronics

Having worked in executive management, business management for more than 20 years, I have worked and contacted many recruiting service units. But with Viet Nam Manpower, I am really satisfied with the professional working style.


Mr. Mai Duy Thang

Anh Duy E&C Company Limited

I found that IHC Human provided service quickly and had a professional working process, I was consulted in detail by the staff of IHC Human about the services I needed. Thanks to IHC Human.


Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Yen

Former Japanese Student

Finding my favorite job and professional working environment is my greatest wish. IHC Human has helped me to do that. Thank you so much. I wish you to have health, success, and happiness.


Ms. Tran Thi Thuy Linh

Former Japanese Student

Your success is to bring jobs to employees. Thanks to IHC Human for bringing us the best, most appropriate jobs. I wish that IHC Human will be more and more successful and strong.


Ms. Nguyen Thi Hang

PECICO Vietnam Limited Liability Company

I used to use the recruitment service of IHC Human, the quality of the service is very good and very professionally compared to other parties that I had referred to. Counselors were enthusiastic, they answered all the questions about the service that I asked.



We always put the interests of our customers and employees first

Our entire staff understands that our success lies in the value we bring to our customers and employees. Therefore, we are always committed to providing our customers with the best quality service, the workers the most suitable jobs.

Our services provided to you will be completed by professionals

IHC Human team has experience of participating in many projects in the field of personnel in general and the field of recruiting personnel in particular and through each project we learn and cultivate new knowledge in our field. to be more stable, more mature, to become experts.

We work with passion and creativity

We recognize that business success is made up of talented people. Every member of the IHC human is an expert in their field. Friendly, inspirational, creative and motivated employees are their differences.

We attach great importance to long-term cooperation

IHC Human begins by initiating trusting partnership and accomplishing work by maintaining long-term relationship. Supporting policy, information security, after-sales service gives customers complete confidence when giving jobs to us.